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History of CWA
The Communication Workers of America

I was going to type out the history until I saw the well laid out presentation of CWA's history on the website.

      Here is the link below:

CWA History
    2010 to Present

The history of CWA outlines its evolution from 1910 to the present showing the pursuit of workers rights at great effort and sacrifices on the part of its members, stewards and officers of numerous CWA districts and locals.

"CWA, America's largest communications and media union, represents over 700,000 men and women in both private and public sectors ..." 
-excerpt from website-

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"It shouldn't take a genius to recognize that Labor Unions are good for all working citizens and that what is good for our U.S. workers is good for America and it's economy as well."
AFL-CIO President, Richard Trumpka speaking at a rally for workers' rights.
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